Selective Nerve Root Blocks (Transforaminal Epidural Injections)

This is a procedure in which a mixture of a steroid (cortisone) and a local anesthetic is injected in the vicinity of a nerve root. It is effective in reducing the inflammation in that particular nerve root.

This treatment is especially benefitial in patients who had undergone previous back surgery or patients with scoliosis. There are time when this procedure is also considered in patients who have not benefited from traditional epidural injections.

Side Effects

  1. Side effects of steroids (please see Epidural Injections).
  2. Temporary increase in pain, because the injection is done in a relatively tight area.
  3. Spinal headache is rare after this kind of injection.
  4. Injuries to the nerve root, spinal cord or blood supply to major neurological structures (rare).